Resilient: Favorite song. . . Favorite word

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This song has been on repeat for several weeks. The music video is fantastic. The word “resilience” is one of my favorite. Humans are such a resilient species. What is resiliency and how can we cultivate it? Here’s what a couple articles from Psychology Today and American Psychological Association have to say about it. After […]

Short Video on the Fascial System in the Body

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Fascia is a newly acknowledged system in the body. It’s not a new system. . . just newly acknowledged. As a body worker, fascia is one of the systems I am very tuned into. This video brings my love of spiders, webs, and fascia together to explain what the fascial system is like throughout the body […]

Article about CranioSacral Therapy and Concussions

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This article, CranioSacral Therapy and Concussions, is a great overview of how CST can support healing. I will periodically be sharing articles and information about CranioSacral Therapy to help create awareness and understanding around the therapy that I love to practice and receive. This is a wonderful article about CranioSacral Therapy and its influence on […]

Simple Wellness: Detox and Nourish Retreat Plan

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When did “healthy” become complicated? When did illness become a way to make money? When did wading through wellness options become a nightmare? When people began disconnecting from the earth and its rhythms, and their own bodymindspirit and its messages, and the wisdom of traditions passed down for generations . . . that’s when health […]

I’m Home

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“Rest and receive with an open heart.” These are the words I’m meditating on this year. Pondering their application, I saw a house in my mind’s eye. This cozy house was situated at the end of a very long lane. And at the beginning of the lane was a guarded gate. I tucked the vision […]

Esalen Massage

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I fell in love with the Esalen Massage modality after experiencing sessions with Rob Wilks in Monterey, CA early 2018. There are no words to capture what happens for me in bodymindspirit during these sessions. Each massage is a unique journey of self discovery, releasing, receiving, reorganizing and coming home to my body to live […]

Dark and Light

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Dark and Light   There is a Darkness that is safe and life giving. This Darkness allows for the precious, vulnerable, secret things to grow protected, outside of the reach of judgment, naysayers and harsh conditions. It is the beginning of the birthing. Think cocoon, womb, and rich soil. There is a Light that is […]