Wildish Soul in the City

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I love the wild. I grew up in Montana with an odd mix of rugged Montana survivalism and tame religious behavioralism. I was nurtured in the wildness of all things Earth. I was tamed in the constructs of all things of religious patriarchy. Since the quarantine started, I have been relishing the time, beginning my […]

Creating Your Best Life: It starts with balanced living

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I have deep roots in Mama Earth. I have strength and wisdom in my bones. I have adventure and endless possibility in my blood and DNA. I have intuitive, divine knowing in my gut. I have passion and unconditional love in my heart. I have a unique expression of humanity and divinity flowing through my […]

Resilient: Favorite song. . . Favorite word

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This song has been on repeat for several weeks. The music video is fantastic. The word “resilience” is one of my favorite. Humans are such a resilient species. What is resiliency and how can we cultivate it? Here’s what a couple articles from Psychology Today and American Psychological Association have to say about it. After […]

I’m Home

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“Rest and receive with an open heart.” These are the words I’m meditating on this year. Pondering their application, I saw a house in my mind’s eye. This cozy house was situated at the end of a very long lane. And at the beginning of the lane was a guarded gate. I tucked the vision […]

American Real LIVETribe 21 Day Video Challenge

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I’ve joined a challenge to hone my skills of video communication. American Real LIVETribe 21 is worth checking out! Look for them on FaceBook as well. I love what they are doing. Everyone has a story to tell. Learning to tell it takes some practice. Consider joining me on this challenge. I’ll be posting some […]