What we did

Our company was founded

12 July 1999

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First major contract

4 September 2001

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Our 5 year birthday

12 July 2004

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What our clients say

“Emie has a gift for healing. Her highly therapeutic services will ease your mind, soothe your soul, and rejuvenate your body. She will assist you with finding and nurturing the body-mind-spirit connection.”

Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

“With every new and old ache and pain, difficulty and change – I feel like I have responded with resignation that it’s just part of the dying process, but as I was being intentionally aware of my bodies rhythm and flow from my head to my feet – I felt like your work with me has given me permission to live. A different way of looking at the honor of each moment on this earth. Your sensitivity in our sessions has given me a intentionally, safe place to receive God’s healing love and I continue to walk in it and live in it.”

Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

“When I think about what happens in each session with Emie, there is one word that seems to always come to mind right away…peace. Each time I walk into her space…whether it’s a massage or craniosacral session…my heart is immediately at peace. I know that I have entered a safe space. I know that I will be looked upon with acceptance and love. I know that she is for me…for my health, for my well-being in every aspect, mind-body-spirit. I would not be who I am right now in life, if it weren’t for the time that I have spent with Emie, listening to God, and hearing Him speak to my very heart. She is SO good at asking just the right question that unlock parts of your heart and mind to Truth. I am so grateful for her willingness to provide this space for all who come.”

Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

“I could not recommend Esalen massage MORE! In the first session, I did not know exactly what to expect. But from the moment it began I felt as though I had been transported to one of the most peaceful spaces I have encountered. Emie sets the tone beautifully and my body relaxes and responds immediately. It’s the perfect amount of light touch body work and deeper massage work. Every time I get off of the table I think, “That’s the best massage I have ever had!” This is healing, relaxation, and peace.”

Esalen Massage Testimonial

“Emie has honed her natural gifts into a skilled therapeutic practice. I have worked with Emie on craniosacral and massage for a year and a half. The shifts in my physical and emotional well being have been beyond anything I could have imagined … and now I can’t imagine life without it!”

Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

“Wow. That is indescribable. Most of the session I was hardly aware of you being there at all. It was another world.”

Esalen Massage Testimonial

“It has been life changing for me. FREEDOM! I’m excited for my journey. I now have hope, peace, contentment. I’m in awe of what Emie and God have given me. Forever grateful and forever doing craniosacral!”

Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

“The session was absolutely what my body needed. During the session I was trying to visualize what the massage would be for my body so that I could sink into the experience and relax a bit more. I saw and then felt my body floating on the ocean. It felt as though Emie’s hands were waves caring for my body. The time left me feeling refreshed and alive.”

Esalen Massage Testimonial

“I felt so relaxed and taken care of. Emie really tapped into where my pain was and explained the process to me. Looking forward to my journey of becoming pain free.”

Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

“The Esalen Massage was an experience I have only had during one other form of centering. As a dancer, I have never been able to find a therapy or meditation that activates my body, mind, spirit in the same way movement does for me. With the sweeping motion and moments of no touch, my body easily sunk into the table where my muscles were able to go past relaxation and into readjustment and healing. The strategic placing of the hands made it impossible for my mind to predict the motion and allowed me to be present in each touch and muscle. With the freedom came colors, vision, energy into what seemed to be the place where my spirit lives. There was intention with every press, pause, and brush. By the end, I felt a new sensation of being recentered with my soul as well as the ability for my spirit to live through every fingertip and toe. I realized every moment of the massage was opening walls certain limbs closed off to my spirit and was able to finally feel like I lived in my body. Since then I have been intentional on channeling the same soul in body feeling with my dancing career and living every moment like my energy is reaching bounds past where it was before. I would recommend this therapy to anyone and everyone. Especially people who feel their emotions more through the physical body more than verbal processing.”

Esalen Massage Testimonial

Who we are?

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About us

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