About Emie

Emie Locke LMT, CST-T
Trauma Informed BodyMindSpirit Therapist

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  • Graduated from Multnomah University with a BS in Theology and Women’s Ministry in 1999. Spent 20 years working in a variety of formal and informal ministry contexts and countries supporting individual and collective spiritual growth and development.
  • Certified CranioSacral Therapist through Upledger Institute. CS1, CS2, SER1, CST and Chronic Depletion, CST Dissection, Mentorship, and Teaching Assistant for CS1.
  • Certified Esalen Massage Therapist through Esalen Institute.
  • Trauma Studies Certificate at Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2020.
  • Certified VITA Sex, Love, Relationship Coach through Layla Martin’s 650+ hour tantric approach to coaching program. www.emiekay.com
  • Completed an 18 month initiation with Ernest Morrow in his Left Hand Path work called Becoming Human. These initiatory coaching experiences are offered in my 9 month Life Coaching container.
  • DreamTending Certification with Dr Stephen Aizenstat. Certificate I and II.
  • Memoir apprenticeship with Professor Jennifer Selig, PHD through her Writing Down the Soul certificate program, March 2020 – June 2023. Level I, II, III, VI completed.
  • 1 Year Diploma Certificate at Biomancy University with Dr. Azra Bertrand
  • 2 year Eco-Somatics Practitioner Training with Dr. Azra Bertrand

Meet Emie

My name is Emie Kay Locke

Emie means whole, universal

Kay means keeper of the keys

Locke means fortified place

My entire life has been a journey of waking up to my wholeness underneath my perceived brokenness. I was chasing healing and success. I was desperately searching for wholeness, longing for peace, striving for answers and relief from my suffering while pushing to attain the next dream. I was fervently looking for ways out of the prison of my mind, my body, my anguish.

After many spiritual teachers, practices, certifications, healers, initiations, therapists, coaches, I was brought all the way back home to my Self. I ended the search outside of myself.  I discovered, as many before me, that I am the keeper of the keys of my own freedom, wholeness, peace and joy. Wholeness is found underneath my trauma responses, underneath my protective mechanisms, my egoic structures and mental chatter, underneath my familial, cultural, and religious programming. Freedom and wholeness was not found in working out or through each problem I believed needed to be fixed or healed in order to experience peace. My Wholeness, the true spark of my divine soul, has always been there inside of my body, waiting for me to wake up to it. I am whole. 

I AM. 

Balanced Living is here to support you on your journey of restoring you to your own Wholeness. There are several modalities I use to hold you in this awakening of your soul and your body’s natural ability to heal. 

Because of childhood and adult trauma in my lived experience, I understand how important it is to create safety within your own body. Tending to your dysregulated nervous system, learning to slow down and feel safe in your body, in your present moment is an important aspect of discovering your wholeness. My work is trauma informed. The gentleness and safety of the therapeutic relationship we create is a gift that contributes to regulating your body and nervous system. Many of us live in a state of fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses that perpetuate a high alert state of being. When we learn ways of regulating our bodies and nervous systems, we can more easily access the states of rest and repair. It is in this state of true rest that you will begin to reacquaint yourself with your Wholeness. 

Alongside certified CranioSacral Therapy and Esalen Massage Therapy, I incorporate embodiment practices, mindfulness techniques, mirroring, imaginal realm work, emotionally focused therapeutic skills, breathwork and other practices studied over the last 30 years of working in BodyMindSpirit growth and development. 

I have studied and led Qi Gong techniques, mindfulness practices, nature based ceremonies, and spiritual growth. I honor and work with all spiritual paths and avenues of connecting to Self, Spirit, Earth and Others. Part of my gifting is to translate universal truths into the language of your body, mind, spirit.

Clients are referred from a local chiropractor, acupuncturist, LMFT, Medical Qi Gong Master, Spiritual Director, client friend referrals, etc. 

Clients who typically receive the most benefit from our work together tend to be involved with other healing modalities such as a talk therapist or coach, a movement practice, or a spiritual practice. 

My in person sessions are in Visalia, CA. Coaching sessions can be done through Zoom. 

Some of the struggle in my life story is connected to childhood sexual abuse and family dysfunction, religious abuse, codependent relational patterns, CPTSD, severe car accident, divorce, single parenting and rebuilding my life and business from the ground up. 

I am the mother of four wild kiddos. I have homeschooled all of them since 2005. Two of them are in college and two are finishing highschool. They are my greatest teachers. 

I am passionate about living my embodied soulful life and helping others do the same. I am captivated by the Mystery of the energies of Masculine and Feminine, Light and Dark, Divinity and Humanity expressed uniquely within each body. I love nature, music, travel, movement and stillness, deep conversations, writing, hiking, inspiring people. I’m in love with oceans, mountains, trees and rivers. 

I look forward to working together toward restoring wholeness to your body, mind, spirit. 

Much love,

Emie Kay

My one on one coaching offerings for women and Wild Woman Circle information can be found at emiekay.com.