About Emie

Emie Locke LMT, CST-T
Trauma Informed BodyMindSpirit Therapist
  • I graduated from Multnomah University with a BS in Theology and Women’s Ministry in 1999. I spent 20 years working in a variety of formal and informal ministry contexts and countries supporting individual and collective spiritual growth and development.
  • I am a certified CranioSacral Therapist through Upledger Institute. CS1, CS2, SER1, CST and Chronic Depletion, CST Dissection, Mentorship, and Teaching Assistant for CS1.
  • I am a certified Esalen Massage Therapist through Esalen Institute.
  • I received the Trauma Studies Certificate at Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2020.
  • I’m currently involved in the DreamTending Certificate Program and Writing Down the Soul Memoir Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, completing those mid 2021.
  • I’m beginning a 650 hour VITA Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Program with Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. I’ll be certified in December of 2021.

Meet Emie

Humanity is faced with increasing amounts of stress inducing situations and traumas. This deeply affects our central nervous system’s ability to self regulate, negatively impacting our sense of peace, empowerment, relationships, work, and quality of life. It is my honor to create space and safety for your BodyMindSpirit to find rest, release, rebalance. Our work together can assist you in moving in healthier ways of managing stress and relating to yourself and the world. 

Alongside CranioSacral Therapy and Esalen Massage therapy, I incorporate embodiment practices, mindfulness techniques, mirroring, question asking, dream tending skills, emotionally focused therapeutic skills, positive psychology skills, and other practices studied over the last 25 years of working in BodyMindSpirit growth and development.

I have studied and led Qi Gong techniques, Mindfulness practices, nature based ceremonies and spirituality, as well as continuing to honor and work with all spiritual paths and avenues of connecting to Self, Spirit, Earth and Others. 

Clients are referred from a local chiropractor, acupuncturist, LMFT, Medical Qi Gong Master, a local Spiritual Director and client friend referrals.  My primary practice is in Visalia, CA, M-F. I also have an office in Carmel, CA where I work one weekend a month.

I am the mother of four wild kiddos. I have home schooled all of them since 2005.

I am passionate about living a full, authentic life and helping others do the same. I am captivated by the mystery of the unity of Masculine and Feminine Energy, Light and Dark, Divinity and Humanity expressed uniquely within each body.  I am on an intense personal healing journey over the last 20 years working through sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, co-dependent relational patterns, PTSD, divorce and single parenting. It is one of the greatest joys of my life to hold space for BodyMindSpirit healing.

I love nature, music, travel, qi gong and yoga, writing, coffee shops, deep conversations, inspiring people and orgasmic living.

Notes on Self Care

Many of us find it difficult to incorporate self care practices into our busy lives. Guilt plagues us when we do the things that fill us up and keep us energetic, healthy, and vibrant. At some point, we find ourselves empty and burned out, with nothing to give, and no energy or passion to continue forward.

It took four major “crash and burn” seasons of my life before I realized that self-care is the least selfish, most healthy thing I could do for myself, my family, my profession, and my community.  By taking good care of myself, I am able to continue pouring into others. 

Please consider your own self-care routine to be one of the top priorities of the long term vision of a healthy, vibrant life. Bodywork, exercise, meditation, life coaching, hobbies, nature. . . there are countless life giving ways to incorporate self-care into your life.