It’s Time

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“If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

-William Arthur Ward-

  Ten year old introvert me, sitting in my self made hideout in my closet. Blankets, reading lamp, stacks of books, piles of paper and pens, stuffed animals and silence. Heaven. Other worlds visited, new possibility born through pages of my books. List after list was made in that dark, quiet space. Records of my dreams: who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, where to travel, things to accomplish. Then there was the diligent work of creating questionnaires. I wanted to ask every human being I knew, “What is your favorite color? Favorite food? Favorite TV show? Favorite book?” And on and on. You can’t imagine how many times I subjected my family to my questionnaires and kept their answers in files.

Thirty years later, I’m still in love with stories, lists, dreaming, and the true essence of every human who crosses my path. As I journaled the other day, “It’s time,” flowed from my pen without forethought. Hmmm. Time for what? And my deep inner wisdom said, “Time to start writing.”

So here I am to put some thought to paper. May you be inspired, encouraged, enlightened and possibly challenged. May you feel permission to explore your dreams, depths, pain and joy. May you find hope for your journey, pieces of insight moving you forward, or connectedness in our common human experiences.

I’m sending you so much love and light as I write with you in mind.

It’s Time. . . .

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