Ask Yourself Where It Is You Want To Go. . . .

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I’m grateful for the days I get to babysit my god daughter and spend hours reading books to her like I used to do with my kiddos. Today the tears flowed as she curled up in my arms reading “The North Star” by Peter H. Reynolds: my life story illustrated and simplified in this 60 page children’s book.

I spent too much of my life following a well worn path that was dictated by someone else’s voice and signs. These days, I’m tuning into my beautiful heart, asking myself where I want to go, and mustering the courage to go in that direction. Some new things are on the horizon for me. I’m excited to see what unfolds in the days ahead. Sometimes I’m scared. Sometimes I am lonely. Sometimes I’m exhilarated. Sometimes I’m full of gratitude and joy. But always, since learning to allow my intuition and heart to lead me, I feel fully alive.

May you find the courage, no matter what age or stage, to find your beating heart and listen to what it is waiting for you to remember. Love to you all today.

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