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If there’s one thing you can count on from me, it is that I will continue to change and grow and expand. There’s an open invitation for all connected to me to continue to do the same.

DETAILS and then the story:

First things first: I AM NOT LEAVING VISALIA.

WHAT: I am moving offices within Visalia and will continue to have an office in Carmel, CA as well.

WHERE: I am moving my Visalia office to 4126 S Demaree St, Suite A,  93277. It is located in Carmel Plaza near Winco and Sonic. I will be sharing office space with Dr. Tern Yang at Spine Works Chiropractic Wellness Center.

WHEN: After June 1st, all appointments with me in Visalia will be at the new office. 4126 S Demaree St, Suite A

WHY: It’s the direction the Wind is blowing.


I have been at my office on Garden Street for a little over two years. It’s been beautiful space as I have grown my practice in Visalia. I wasn’t looking for a new space. I think my new space was looking for me.

I had a significant conversation last month with my colleague and friend who is the acupuncturist and manager of our building. We talked of the future and where we may be some day. It felt like a mutual understanding that we would both follow our hearts wherever and whenever they lead. Our friendship would still stand. I left the conversation thinking that was five to ten years out.

The very next day, another colleague/client came for a session and afterward said, “I know you’re happy in this space. I don’t even know why I’m bringing this up, but there’s a space in the chiropractor’s office I work in. I’ve known for a couple months but I felt I need to mention it to you today.”

Hmmmm. There was an instant knowing in my heart that I belong there. Two seconds later, my mind caught up and sent a barrage of rebuttal and logic. “You love this office. It’s comfortable here. There’s no reason to move. You HATE moving. You HATE decorating new space. Your clients might not like the change. Your connection with your colleagues would be difficult to leave. You don’t NEED to move. Why would you do it anyway?” And the inner critic, logic mind went wild.

I have missed enough heart leading opportunities that landed me in stagnant, survival waters rather than staying in flowing, fresh life force River that I knew my choice. So I wasn’t asking for a sign to confirm my move. But the Universe is kind to send affirmation when I’m following my heart and there’s no logical explanation. A week after I made a solid decision to move, I went to see my new office. As I drove into the complex, I see the sign: “CARMEL PLAZA.” Double take. I drove around the block. “Does that really say, ‘Carmel Plaza?'”

The significance of Carmel is gigantic to me. Seven years ago, I was driving through Carmel, CA and had a heart knowing that it was part of my future. Two years ago, I began working with my CranioSacral mentor who practices in Carmel, CA. Six months ago, I flowed into the opportunity to open my second office in Carmel, CA. Carmel is deeply connected to my unfolding and becoming.

Now, here I am, following a heart knowing to move office spaces in Visalia and I am moving myself into Carmel Plaza?!! I immediately looked up the meaning of Carmel. It’s Hebrew. You should know I’ve been in love with the Hebrew language since junior high. The only book I have lugged through 13 moves besides my boxes of journals is “The First Hebrew Primer.” I keep waiting for the moment I’ll be inspired to actually learn it. All four of my kids have Hebrew names. The fact that it’s a Hebrew name would be enough for me. But the meaning touched me even deeper.

Carmel means “Garden. God’s Vineyard. Fruitful Place. Expanse of a generous nature.” Three years ago, I was in the middle of a difficult divorce, on welfare, finishing my training, starting my own business and barely homeschooling my four kids. I was living at what felt like the bottom with only the hope of abundance ahead. I was determined to follow my heart into my life work, no matter how hard the process. I held on tightly to an inner knowing that I was walking in abundant provision and supported by a Loving Universe even though my immediate reality was debt and difficulty.

My tears were unstoppable as I sat in my car in awe and gratitude of all that has transpired for me in three short years. I’ve created a thriving practice. I have unspeakable joy getting paid to do my heart work in the world. I am supporting my four kids, paying down debt, and making way for my continuing education.  My personal healing that I have pursued for decades finally feels like it’s moving from my mind and spirit to embodiment at deeper and more authentic levels of my being. I enjoy rich relationships with my kids with the help of an amazing family therapist. I have intimate friendships that fill my soul. I carve out consistent time in nature to refresh and recenter. There are still many moments of struggle and stress but I am feeling the reality of my whole life moving into a fruitful, expansive place. I hold the keys to my place in Carmel.

So join me. . . in growth, in rest, in embodying your values in a deeper and fuller way by making some space and time for yourself to sink into your body. Take time to connect with your inner wisdom. Listen to your heart, release tensions and restrictions blocking the flow of your life force energy. Jump back in the River of Life. There are many ways to reconnect with yourself and to learn to live an embodied human experience. CranioSacral therapy and Esalen Massage are good options for you to consider. If you are interested in bodymindspirit therapy, you can find me in Carmel. 😉 If I’m not a good fit for you, I have several amazing bodymindspirit practitioners to refer you to. Love and peace to you. May you find your “Carmel.”

8 thoughts on “Visalia Office Moving Locations

  1. Emie, I will be with you probably until I go to Heaven. You have brought me so far on my journey, I’m forever grateful ♥️. You my friend are one amazing lady! I love that you follow your heart, you choose joy, peace, the abundance of life and nature . Plus so much more. Love you bunches 🥰

  2. What a beautiful journey you’re on! And, thank you for sharing it with us! I cannot wait to experience this new space you’ll create – I can only imagine how wonderful and warming it will be.
    Love, light and big hugs to you, Emie 💕
    Onto Carmel!!

  3. Hmmm…You are moving from an English garden to a Hebrew garden. May you continue to be blessed to be a blessing, wherever you are planted!

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