New Things Ahead at Balanced Living

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I love throwing rocks in a pond and watching the ripples move out. My life and my work reflect that fascination. I am continually dropping new stones into my interior and exterior world and feeling the vibration of waves flow through the entire universe of my being.

I am committed to my own healing, growth and expansion. I fully believe that everyone connected to me, whether client, friend, family or barista will feel the goodness of the wake created by my movement.  Some of the waves  you can look forward to are a new office and four major training sessions this year, as well as finishing up the official certification for CranioSacral Therapy through Upledger Institute. Read on if you are curious about any of those things.

1. NEW OFFICE IN VISALIA: I am officially moved in and ready for clients at 4126 S Demaree Street, Suite A, Visalia 93277. (I am sharing an office with Dr. Tern Yang at Spineworks Chiropractic.) I’m excited to invite you into my new, peaceful space. PLEASE NOTE: I have a VISALIA office located in Carmel Plaza on Demaree Street. And I have an office in the CITY of Carmel, CA which I will be at once a month through the summer. You can schedule at either place. On my scheduling site you select Visalia or Carmel for location. 

2. Healing Art of Deep Bodywork: Opening the Chest, Freeing the Breath, and Healing the Neck at Esalen Institute

I’m thrilled to be leaving tomorrow for another week long massage training at Esalen Institute. Here is a course description.

“This seminar will focus on healing the neck from chronic and acute pain due to injury and postural issues, as well as freeing the chest and ribs with the intent of opening the vital function of breath. The capacity to fully expand our chests in taking a full, free breath is perhaps the body’s most important tool in unwinding the ongoing stress we accumulate in life. Restriction in this vital capacity can lead to collapsing of the chest, a forward leaning posture of the neck and head, and chronic pain in many areas of the upper body as a secondary result. Our capacity to deal with emotional stress can be severely limited if breath is restricted in its vital, healing function. We will understand through our discussion of relevant anatomy how an open chest balances the shoulder girdle, providing an organized base for the neck and head. We will look at the structural complexity of the neck in understanding why injury to this vital area can be so difficult to heal.”     – Esalen website

Anyone booking an Esalen Massage between June 11th through July 6th with the desire to experience some of the new techniques I will be learning will have a discounted price of $85, which is a $40 reduction in the price of my 75 minute Esalen Massage session. Please let me know in the notes that you are wanting to work on opening your chest and working with your breath and neck. If you are already on the calendar for that time frame and want to work on these things, you can just let me know when you arrive to your appointment. My sessions book quickly in Visalia.  Schedule now if you want a discount. Click here. 

3. Qi Gong Training

I am so excited to enter into a year of next level weekly Qi Gong training with my Qi Gong Master, Pat Bardone. I’ve been training with him since 2015, and more seriously in recent months. We will begin when I return from Esalen. I am anticipating huge ripples of Qi moving through my life, practice, and relationships.

4. CranioSacral Therapy and Working With Chronic Depletion Course Through Upledger Institute

I have been working with my mentor, Eric Moya, in CranioSacral Therapy for two years. He has developed a way of working with the chronically depleted system within the CranioSacral therapy modality. I have been wanting to take this course since I started working with him. I am so excited to be heading to Seattle in August to do just that. Many of my clients experience the struggle of living with a chronically depleted system. I look forward to adding these skills to my repertoire in the hope of facilitating longer lasting relief of pain patterns. Here is the course description.

“When body systems are operating within healthy limits, they have ample resiliency and capacity for self-regulation and health. Traumas, injuries, or stressors tax a body’s resources as it attempts to heal and to regulate. When stressors or traumas are ongoing to a bodily system, however, new difficulties arise. Instead of local compensations and injury responses, the body’s entire system begins losing its capacity and resiliency for health and healing because of the chronic demand on precious bodily resources. In a sense, the body begins demonstrating ongoing patterns of trauma and depletion which create unique challenges to the craniosacral practitioner. The focus of this course is to understand, assess, and design treatments to work with long-term patterned depletion of body resiliency and capacity for change.”  — Eric Moya with Upledger Institute

6. Finishing my Official CranioSacral Therapy Certification through Upledger Institute

I have been a practicing CranioSacral therapist for the last 3 years and working under a mentor for 2 years. I have also taken yearly courses to enhance my skills. The certification process is a three part process, recommended to be entered into after a decent amount of time working with the protocols. The first section is an intense written exam, which I have passed. The second is an intense practical exam, which I am in the process of getting ready for. And the third is a final techniques exam quiz which will be taken at the time of my practical exam. My goal is to have this completed by the end of the year. I am well on the way and will feel great relief to have this behind me.

5. The last training is a certificate program I will be embarking upon at a graduate school over the course of several months beginning in the fall. I’ll be talking more about this one the closer it gets. This is touching into some of my long term vision for further training and the development of my overall life work.

So there you have it! Somewhere in there I will be working full time, taking a couple of short family vacations to the mountains and the beach, doing the mama and homeschooling parent thing, and being faithful to my own self care in order to keep up with this one wild life I’m co-creating with Universal Life Force.

Love and peace to you all!

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  1. Your life and work are an inspiration to me and to many. I do not know how you do so many things! Keep your light strong, my sister, and please look at your calendar for September or October———-let’s see if we can’t get us some girlfriend/beach time!

    1. Thank you, my beautiful, radiant friend. YES to girlfriend beach time! I’ll contact you soon. LOVE YOU.

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