I love my job!

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Sitting in my new office before work this morning. Peace. Trickling sounds of the water fountain out my window. Something is settling in my soul. All my clients this week have remarked on the new space with words of “happy, calming, safe, peaceful, fresh, clear, light.”

I love my work. I love my clients. I love my life. Whether it’s CranioSacral therapy, Esalen Massage therapy, Life Coaching, facilitating retreats or a combination of all, I love the work my clients and I do together. There is almost nothing more rewarding to me than meeting someone with compassion and gentleness in their places of pain and restriction of bodymindspirit to facilitate movement. I have witnessed client after client, sometimes in one session, sometimes over years, unwind tangled and restricted fascia, muscles, mind, relational, life situational, and spiritual knots to find their flow, breath, and ease of movement in the world again. It is nothing short of miraculous.

I had a visual in session the other day with a client who has made giant progress on her journey. I saw her as a vibrant hot air balloon but her basket had been full of sand bags. The outside of the basket was tethered to the ground by an ungodly amount of sandbags as well. With every release she’s experienced in her bodymindspirit, a sandbag has let go. And here she is, unwinding some of the last weights before she lifts off into her next season of life. She is stunning.

I believe in empowering individuals to tune into their own inner wisdom and healing capacities, their own connection to Self, Spirit, Earth, and then others. I believe in meeting restrictions in muscles, fascia, mind, and spirit with honor and a slower pace. The deeper we go, the more time we take to allow the body, mind or spirit to grant permission, to choose to soften and release, and trust the process and integration needed for such deep realignment and rewiring. The transformation that happens through our work can ripple throughout every area of the client’s life.

My passion is to create safe space where I facilitate, support, and empower clients to move in ways that restore wholeness to bodymindspirit. If any of this resonates with you, I hope to see you in my office someday.

Love and peace to you,



4 thoughts on “I love my job!

  1. I just found you on FB after many years. I wish i lived closer. Would benefit from your expertise. Am working with a gal who does similar modalities. “Freedom” is best word i can find to use. My curiosity is in the neck work you do. My neck and jaw are MESSED up! I am told different reasons for it. Long process of work and headaches and some healing, bit nothing long term… I am thankful you are helping so many. Blessings KT

    1. It’s so good to hear you, Katie. I’m so happy you are finding Freedom as well. If you find a well trained CranioSacral Therapist, often some of the neck and jaw work can be lasting pattern changes, especially if you are working with your entire body, mind, and spirit patterns of restriction into more freedom! I’m excited for you. If I’m ever in Portland again, it would be wonderful to catch up. Love and peace and continued healing for you, Emie

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