New Office in San Luis Obispo, CA!

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There’s more new movement for Balanced Living. 🙂

I am expanding my practice to SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, in addition to continuing my full time practice in Visalia and once a month in Carmel. When I told my 11 year old that I was going to start working once in a month in San Luis, she said, “You are an overachiever!” I laughed and responded, “Well maybe it looks and feels like that to you. The last four years have been about flowing with the River of Life and learning to recognize when an opportunity resonates with every fiber of my being. That’s when I jump in head first.” To which she wisely replied, “Mom, there are always a million opportunities. You have to say no to some of them!” If she only knew how many I say no to in order to say YES at the right moment for the right connection. This is definitely one of those right connections on my professional journey. I’m partnering with my friend and colleague Debra Kambourian who is an incredible emotionally focused LMFT. She is originally from Visalia and recently relocated to San Luis Obispo. Our work together has created life giving movement for the clients that we share. We want to continue that partnership on the coast.

The dates I will be in San Luis Obispo are as follows for the rest of the year:
Sunday, July 14
Sunday, Aug 18
Sunday, Sept 15
Sunday, Oct 20
Sunday, Nov 17
Sunday, Dec 15

If you or anyone you know in the SLO area are interested in booking an Esalen Massage or a CranioSacral Session, book HERE. Or send an eCard gift to a friend in the SLO area HERE.

Movement is life. Even in our most still moments, there are subtle movements happening within. I love tuning into those movements, or the places the movement seems to be restricted, to create loving awareness. The human organism wants to be in balance and flow. When given the opportunity in safety and loving support to observe itself and self correct, it will do its best. It’s an honor to join you, whether through Esalen Massage or CranioSacral therapy,  in observing and listening for the path that your unique bodymindspirit reveals to bring greater vitality to your system.

In order for me to continue to hold space and facilitate that kind of movement for clients of a variety of backgrounds, pain patterns and needs, it is imperative that I continue to allow myself to lovingly become aware of my own restricted areas and allow for flow and movement to happen in my bodymindspirit. I do this through continuing education, self care routines in nature, movement therapies such as Qi Gong and Yoga, bodywork such as Esalen Massage and CranioSacral therapy, talk therapy, sound therapy, plant spirit medicine sessions, journaling, and ultimately staying connected to Self, Spirit, Earth and Others. The other area you will continue to observe in me is movement that appears to be dramatic or overachieving, as my 11 year old perceived.

For every giant move you observe from the outside of my life, you can be sure there were a thousand moments of observations of the restricted areas of my bodymindspirit, loving attendance to those restrictions, gentle releases and then a rush of life force energy with the opportunity to create new life and movement. That rush of creative life force is what I co-create with to produce both big and small movement in my world. Only my journal, kids, closest friends, and practitioners see the commitment and sometimes painful work of locating, holding, honoring, releasing and rewiring my patterns of restriction into patterns of ease and flow. But every moment is worth it to me.

For every client I work with, I hold deep honor and gratitude for the opportunity to witness such movement whether it is in muscles and fascia relaxing and releasing pain patterns, or the entire bodymindspirit becoming aware of the interconnectedness in the process of pain patterns to soften and release. If you feel something resonating in you as you read these things, I encourage you to find a bodyworker you trust. Allow your journey of finding your ease of movement to be enhanced by presence based loving witness and facilitation of your bodymindspirit healing journey.

I look forward to working with you in San Luis Obispo, Carmel, or Visalia, CA! 😉 The Visalia appointments fill up fast. If you are wanting to get on that schedule, it’s best to do so asap. Book A Session in any location HERE. 

Love and peace to all of you.


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    1. Hi Peter,
      The easiest option is to schedule online. “Book Appointment” on my website, click Visalia or Carmel and it will take you to the scheduling site where you can change location to San Luis Obispo. I’ll be adding that tab to the website shortly. Or feel free to text or call me at 559-372-9021. Thanks for the inquiry and look forward to working together if it works in your schedule.

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