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“Why is it so hard to live a happy life and so easy to live a sad one?” my ten year old asked me on the way to school this morning. “How long did it take you to figure out how to do it?”

Wow. In shock and gratitude that my 10 year old experiences my overall happiness, I lost her in my 7 minute sermonette and realized I should practice succinct.

I don’t know what the answer is for everyone. But it took me a lot of years to find mine. Happiness began when I started experiencing Unconditional Love in my inner world.

I have many stories in my search for Love through 4 decades. Most of those years were predominately characterized by sadness, depression, loneliness, or at least mildly melancholic. If I boil it all down, my turning point was learning to experience Unconditional Love in my interior world. I now know Love in my core self. I am Love at my center. This is an ongoing adventure for me. Tuning into inner Love supplies courage to face the fear that so often dictates my life. I have several doors in my interior world that are still locked tight. But a lifetime of learning to lean into Love is the road ahead.

I don’t know if it’s everyone’s thing. But I know I’m on this planet to be Love, feel Love, do Love. And the kind of Love I’m experiencing turns my entire world upside down. Saying yes to Love in your depth may be the undoing of your life as you know it. Or who knows, maybe it will simply enhance all the wonderful things already going right in your world. Be it upheaval to rebuild or a launching to the next level, it’s worth being on the lookout for Unconditional Love in your interior.

May you find your answer to my ten year old’s question as you journey through your moments.

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