Time to Expand

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“To travel is to take a journey into oneself.”

–Danny Kaye-

I’m in love with traveling the world. Actually, I’m in love with anything that helps me expand. And travel is one of my favorite entire being expansion activities. Some of my most undoing, remaking moments have happened overseas. Out of comfort zone, exhausted from time zone hopping, feeling completely unable to find my footing, instead I find new depth. When I surrender to the unknown, embrace the beauty of new environments, limiting beliefs and story lines that are ready to be released can be sifted out in the gentle shaking that travel induces. I leave home thinking I know a few things and I come back remembering there is a world of experiences that can remake me.

Once again, I have the opportunity to expand. In two days I leave for Malaysia to join some of my dearest friends to work with high school students.  We will be teaching, building relationship, listening to stories, hearing their hearts, pouring out Unconditional Love and Light, and bringing inspiration and hope. And we will be expanding as we give. We will be expanding as we love. We will be expanding as we listen in order to learn things we could have not learned any other way. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to travel. I will not return the same.

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