Shadows or Light

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Shadows Or Light

I was born into skin woven from earthen darkness, but I dress myself in light.


Shadow or Light

    Yin or Yang

        Feminine or Masculine


What is or what is possible


Pain or Healing

    Sorrow or Joy

       Hiddenness or Revelation


Humanity or Divinity


All the dichotomies of existence

     I embrace them all.

         Life leading to death making way for new life


This incredible dance of discovery

     of the give and take

         of Light and Dark in human experience


Glorious and Mundane

    Sacred and Profane

        Ecstasy and Despondency


I follow the Light in Night




Wandering in dark


        To full sight again


I honor the merging of that which I’ve assumed cannot merge –


within this experimental voyage

    of Spirit in Skin

        on terrestrial plane


I was born into this vessel of earthen darkness and I clothe myself in otherworldly light.

— Emie Locke, March 2018

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