Expanding Balanced Living to Carmel, CA

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Two years ago, January of 2017, when I started Balanced Living, I never imagined the opportunity to work in Carmel to be a possibility! I am in deep gratitude and awe at the flow and growth of my CranioSacral and Certified Esalen Massage therapy practice in just 3 short years. Thank you to all my amazing friends, clients and professional connections and collaborations that have supported and added life and feet to the vision I have. I love what I do and find great joy in joining my clients and friends on their journey of restoring wholeness and freedom to their bodymindspirit through CranioSacral therapy, Esalen massage therapy, and life coaching sessions.

I’m excited to open this second office in Carmel, CA at 3771 Rio Road Suite 103C. I plan to be in Carmel two weekends a month to begin with on select Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The first days to schedule are Jan 6, 19, and 20, 2019.

I will be offering CranioSacral Sessions, Certified Esalen Massage Sessions or a combination of the modalities. Life Coaching sessions are available after a phone interview to ensure the working relationship is capable of fascilitating growth on your journey. I will also be partnering with a dear friend and fellow certified massage therapist, Erin Leake to offer quarterly bodymindspirit retreats in Carmel. More about that to come. We are thrilled to offer these retreats to you!

I’m also very excited to be working with Eric Moya, CST-D, Upledger Institute instructor with 20+ years of bodywork experience and extensive training and expertise in several therapy modalities. One Friday a month we will offer multi-hands manual therapy work for clients. The opportunity to have multi-hands work is unique and can be significant in facilitating movement on your healing journey. Clients who have worked with Eric and me together have noted significant shifts of some long standing pain and tension areas of bodymindspirit. For more information about Eric Moya or to schedule a one on one manual therapy appointment with him, visit his website here.  He has an office in Carmel, CA and San Francisco, CA.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this leap of faith will expand my opportunity and community.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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