Creating Your Best Life: It starts with balanced living

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I have deep roots in Mama Earth. I have strength and wisdom in my bones. I have adventure and endless possibility in my blood and DNA. I have intuitive, divine knowing in my gut. I have passion and unconditional love in my heart. I have a unique expression of humanity and divinity flowing through my […]

Short Video on the Fascial System in the Body

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Fascia is a newly acknowledged system in the body. It’s not a new system. . . just newly acknowledged. As a body worker, fascia is one of the systems I am very tuned into. This video brings my love of spiders, webs, and fascia together to explain what the fascial system is like throughout the body […]

Simple Wellness: Detox and Nourish Retreat Plan

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When did “healthy” become complicated? When did illness become a way to make money? When did wading through wellness options become a nightmare? When people began disconnecting from the earth and its rhythms, and their own bodymindspirit and its messages, and the wisdom of traditions passed down for generations . . . that’s when health […]

Who I Am and What I Do

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I have a hard time saying who I am and what I do for many reasons, primarily because I hate being pegged! I’m a multidimensional person. I’m skilled at meeting a client or person where they are in order to facilitate movement forward in a peaceful and loving way. My sun sign is Libra. . […]

Massage Therapy as Routine Care

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Massage is often considered something of a pampering service. In actuality, massage therapy, CranioSacral therapy, and intentional body work, is an important part of a self care routine for the health of bodymindspirit. In my healing journey, I made progress with talk therapy, changing my eating habits, and tending to my spiritual practices, but it […]