Simple Wellness: Detox and Nourish Retreat Plan

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When did “healthy” become complicated?

When did illness become a way to make money?

When did wading through wellness options become a nightmare?

When people began disconnecting from the earth and its rhythms, and their own bodymindspirit and its messages, and the wisdom of traditions passed down for generations . . . that’s when health became complicated.

When people were taught to trust outside authority more than their own inner wisdom and personal connection to humanity and spirit, options clamored for attention on a health maze of confusing arguments.

I believe a healthy and vibrant life does not have to be complicated.

I believe that your easiest path to full bodymindspirit wellness is the path that is simple to follow in gentle cycles of life. Walks through the park. Hydrating well. Taking your shoes off and feeling the ground. Using food as medicine. Breath awareness and stillness practices. Laughing and dancing and enjoying moments. Crying your guts out with a best friend. Listening. pausing. Uncovering your core self through gentle observations. Sleeping when you’re tired. Allowing yourself to just BE.

At our Detox and Nourish retreat, you will come away from the weekend with experiential time for some of the simple tools for bodymindspirit wellness. We will talk about fasts, food as medicine, simple eating plans to detox and nourish your body.

We will address mindful and healthy movement to keep flow and range of motion in your body.

We will talk about the inner critic and how to still the incessant mind chatter to bring peace and rest to your entire being through quieting the mind.

We will create vision for our lives, not in exact planning but in setting intentions and feeling into how you want your life to be experienced.

We will have space and activity to sink into the deep inner space of your stillness to hear the whispers of Spirit remind you of your core self.

We will laugh, I’ll probably cry, dance, eat, sleep, create, share, and come home shining.

We hope you’ll join us. It’s gonna be fun. 😉

Grab a friend and Register Now. March 22-24, 2019 in Carmel Valley, CA.

If you have questions, please email me at or contact me at 559-372-9021.

Health and Wellness to all of you,


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