Step Through The Portal With Me

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Step Through The Portal with me into changes coming to Balanced Living starting July of 2021.
Information about Session Length, Pricing, and Scheduling changes coming May 1st. Changes will be instated July 4th, 2021.
I have stepped through many new portals in the last year. These experiences have dropped me into my Shadows and propelled me to my Light over and over again. I am learning to love it all and feeling more ALIVE in the process.
My personal journey of transformation and exceptional educational opportunities give me confidence to support your BodyMindSpirit transformation, integration and healing in a myriad of ways with a variety of skill sets.
My passion for creating safe space for your entire being to rest, release, observe, receive and heal continues to expand as my soul expands. Thank you for allowing me to join you for moments of your healing and transformation.
May you feel Rooted and Grounded in Unconditional Love,
Held by a Beautiful Earth,
Filled with the Balance of Light and Dark,
Breathing in the Breath of Life.
Deep Love and Gratitude to you all. I love this adventure with you.
Be on the look out for more info May 1st.

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