Transformation Information: Changes to Balanced Living coming in July 2021

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This letter is an expression of my soul, growth, and vision for Balanced Living. I will share

  • Gratitude for you
  • Motivation for changes coming
  • Who I am
  • Who I am not
  • What to consider in moving forward with me in July

  There will be a letter coming the first week of June with the details on specific price changes and scheduling shifts. 


  Many of you have been working with me for a long time. I am so grateful for each of you. I am in awe of your courage, vulnerability, and devotion to your bodymindspirit healing and wholeness. Witnessing your journey is an amazing honor.

 It is a joy to create space for you to rest, release, observe, listen, receive, integrate, heal. Every session is a sacred journey. I deeply love and respect each one of you. Thank you for allowing me to join you in this way.

MOTIVATION for Changes Coming

  I am changing. Constantly. Balanced Living is an extension of my soul. Therefore, it too, will keep changing. Through the changes, the foundation of my business has held true since its inception. Restoring wholeness to BodyMindSpiritSoul. I can only continue to support you effectively by taking care of my own BodyMindSpiritSoul, continuing my education, following my joy, and living my truth with greater authenticity and boldness. As I step through each new portal into new worlds and ways of being, the invitation is open for you to step through portals of your own soul’s leading. 

  Since 2017, I have completed several certifications and certificate courses to enhance my skill sets and appease my insatiable love of learning:

  • Esalen Massage Therapy Certification through Esalen Institute
  • CranioSacral Therapy Techniques Certification through Upledger Institute
  • Trauma Studies Certificate through Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Writing Down the Soul Memoir 1 Certificate (Finishing Course 2 June 1, 2021. I will continue Certificate 3 starting in Sept of 2021) through Pacifica
  • Dream Tending Certificate 1 (starting Certificate 2 in July of 2021) connected to Pacifica
  • I am half way through my 650 hour Tantric Love, Sex, and Relationship Coaching Certification Program through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Certification will take place by January 2022.
  • I have long term plans to begin graduate studies within 3 to 5 years at Pacifica in the Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices Doctoral Program.

  Changes coming to the structure of my work week is for the purpose of making more space for:

  • Continued inner world growth, integration and rest
  • Writing and education
  • Dreaming, creating content, and building community within Balanced Living 
  • Tending to my relationships with self, spirit, earth, and my significant others

  Changes coming to my prices reflect the growth, energy, time, training, experience, and unique skill sets I bring to each session. For 75 to 90 minutes, I am lovingly tuned into you, BodyMindSpiritSoul. I am tracking with you on many levels and over many months, sometimes years. I delight in this journey. Whether through touch, energy, or coaching, I reflect back to you what I experience so you can perceive yourself more fully. As your awareness of your self grows in a loving atmosphere, you are empowered to make changes that support your transformation and healing. 

  I am trained and skilled to work with you through pain, trauma, dysregulation, and blockages in body, emotion, mind, spirit, sexuality, soul, ancestry. If issues present that are out of my scope of practice or training, I have many trusted practitioners to refer you to. 

  I enjoy working with clients who are connected to a healing team such as a therapist, doctor, spiritual practitioner, embodiment practices such as yoga, qi gong or tai chi, or other self healing practices or healers. I love working with clients who are serving in helping professions, are practioners/healers, thought leaders, spiritual leaders, community leaders. I enjoy supporting your embodiment and wholeness as you support your communities. 

  Does this mean I do not enjoy working with you if you are not actively engaging in any of the above practices or jobs? Absolutely not. Bottom line, I love working with anyone who is looking for support in their transformational embodiment process. If you feel like I support your journey, I am honored to join you in it. 


  Most of you experience me through the lens that is most helpful for your healing and growth. Some of you experience me as healer, some experience nurturer or caregiver, some experience me as coach, teacher, friend, spiritual director, confidante, counselor, etc. Some of you like to imagine me as your daughter or lover or mother. I am actually none of those things and all of those things at the same time. I am a multidimensional human co creating safe space with you to heal within a powerful, loving, relational field. We are often wounded in relational contexts. Profound healing can happen in intentional, safe, relationship.

  I recently took this PMAI Archetype Assesment for my memoir apprenticeship. The assessment orders your archetypal energy movement from 1 to 12. I gained so much affirmation about my soul signature through this assessment. It feels valuable to share it with you to give you greater context for who I am above and beyond the perception you may have of me.

   When I read through the first six archetypes that characterize my soul’s movement, I was giddy with excitement. These are energies that have thrilled and motivated me throughout my life. These are the foundational energies I weave through our sessions no matter what modality I’m operating in. The last six arechetypes are far less active energies I flow in. Though I can and do, it is the first six to eight that set me on fire.

If you are intrigued about your own archetypal signatures, the link to the test is here.


  1.       Revolutionary: rebel, game-changer, destroyer. A non-conformist who challenges the rules and the status quo and often works to change them.
  2.       Idealist: innocent, optimist, dreamer. A basic trust in life that allows one to look on the bright side, seeing the good in others and situations.
  3.       Magician: alchemist, visionary, healer. Transformational presence bringing out the best in oneself and in others.
  4.       Seeker: Explorer, Wanderer, Pioneer. Motivated by adventure and exploring new experiences, places, and ways of thinking and being. A need to fiercely guard independence and individuality.
  5.     Sage: Investigator, Teacher, Expert. Lifelong learner, natural educator, motivated by curiosity and a desire to figure things out. 
  6.     Warrior: soldier, advocate, competitor. Focused, goal oriented, tough, assertive, mission driven. 
  7.     Caretaker: Nurturer, Humanitarian, Martyr. Compassionate, caring, generous. 
  8.     Lover: Peacemaker, Companion, Romantic. Communicator, natural companion, bringing passion to all aspects of life within its purview. 
  9.     Creator: Artist, Inventor, Innovator
  10.   Realist: Regular guy/gal, everyperson, orphan. Practical, unpretentious, resilient.
  11.   Ruler: King/Queen, Boss, Autocrat. 
  12.   Jester: Entertainer, Trickster, Court Fool

  So what does this mean for Balanced Living and our sessions? Well, the sessions will continue to be similar to what you already experience. I am moving with more confidence in my transformational healing energy. My primary concern is that you continue to feel loved, safe, seen, and honored in your process and through our work together. Before this assessment, I subconsciously felt tied to defining my work through the lens of Caregiver. But now I have no problem living out loud and in alignment with revolutionary, idealist, magician. The future of Balanced Living will continue to reflect this in increasing measure as I expand. 


  As I move into a more active role in the future as a Love, Sex, and Relationship Coach, I want to be very clear about who I am not, even if you have imaginations of me fulfilling these roles for you. I have no problem or judgement with you finding people to be these things for you. It just won’t be me in physical form. 

  I highly recommend considering finding fulfilment of these needs within your own being. Finding yourself as your own best lover, parent, partner, friend is growth and freedom. If you don’t know what I mean by that, we can chat about it in session. Learning how to meet my own needs has been one of the most transformational aspects of my journey. 

  • I am not your happy ending. Ever.
  • I am not your lover, though you may feel intimately seen and loved in session. I do not fuck or date clients. 
    • I am, however, unashamedly connected to my creative, sexual, sensual energy for my personal growth, creativity, and pleasure. This is Life Force Energy and you may very likely feel it. I am not scared of mine or yours.
    • I am intimately connected to the Source of Unconditional Love within my being for the benefit of my self realization and the world. It has been my hope since the beginning of Balanced Living that you may find your own roots in Unconditional Love within your own being as well.
    • I frequently relate with warm, flirty, soulful energy to connect with the joy and playful spirit in you. 
    • Because of all this, you may wake up to your own fiery, soulful, sensual energies in my presence. I am here to wake people up. I am aware that this can be uncomfortable or confusing to some people. I’m ok with that and can hold space for it. Conversations around this topic have been and can be successfully navigated for your healing and transformation in session. But my boundaries will remain intact and I expect to be respected. 
  • I am not your mother, though you may experience a nurturing quality to our work. I have four children of my own. That’s WAY plenty.
  • I am not your daughter, though you may feel a parental energy concern for me as I share parts of my journey with you. I have a mother and a father. I’m not looking for replacements. I am really good at reparenting my wounded inner child and meeting my own needs. 
  • I am not your guru. YOU are your own guru. What you see in me is already present in you or you could not see it.
  • I am not here to make your life better. You are responsible for that. You are paying me to hold space and teach you skill sets to empower you to care for yourself. I help you help yourself. 
    • I am here to make my life better, to self realize.
    • Any boundary I set with you is not intended to hurt or offend. Growing up, I was taught to say yes to everyone else and no to myself. I am unlearning this while leaning into the importance of saying YES to my needs, my dreams, my rest, my joy, my pleasure. I am practicing saying NO when I need to protect my time and energy. My no to you does not mean I do not care about you. Can you tell I’m having a hard time with this one?! 😉 
  • Are we friends? Yes. It is true and will continue to be true that you are my friend, even if the only interaction we ever have is within the four walls of my office. I genuinely love and care about you and your well being. If you reach out via text and I do not respond immediately, it only means I am busy taking care of myself or am with my children or at work. I will answer when I have the emotional bandwidth or space in my schedule to do so. 

WHAT TO CONSIDER as you think about moving forward with me when changes happen in July:

  I see the work we do together is in support of your healing and transformation. It may be for a short season or longer. I am committed to the process no matter how fast or slow that feels in your particular journey and for as long as you feel our work is beneficial to you. The work we do together is greatly enhanced if you are taking responsibility for your journey outside of our time together. A lot can happen in 75 to 90 minutes together. But mountains can move when you are adding awareness and other practices or therapies in between our sessions. One of the changes coming in July will be a shift in paradigm. I am not seeing you as clients. Instead, I am seeing the work as a partnership working in co-creative ways toward greater wholeness, healing and integration of your BodyMindSpiritSoul. 

  I see many of you between 2 to 4 times a month. With a little more intention and awareness around the work you do outside of our sessions, you may be able to cut back the number of sessions and still receive as much or more benefit to your BodyMindSpirit healing once prices increase. Or if your budget allows, feel free to continue scheduling as you have. Because my personal journey holds the transmission of transformation, unconditional self love, and BodyMindSpiritSoul embodiment and integration, you may feel access to that universal energetic support in your own world more easily by simply opening your awareness to it. Working with me is a portal whether you are aware of it or not.

  Maybe you aren’t needing transformation. Maybe you don’t want to intentionally step through any portal. Maybe you truly just need a bit of TLC and rest. I am happy to provide that as I have in the past. Or I can refer you to other practitioners who carry more primary caregiver energy. I simply need you to be aware of the reasons my prices are changing and the currents of energy flowing underneath my work. This allows me to step more fully into the giftings I carry and calling of my soul. 

  As we step through the next portal of Balanced Living’s transformation, I am ready and willing to engage in conversation around how these changes might impact you, trigger you, encourage you, discourage you. I am 100% confident that what is for my highest good will somehow translate into serving your highest good as well. Even if the initial shifting feels difficult. This is all part of your opportunity to assess what your needs are and who can truly best support you in supporting yourself. I look forward to entering this next season with you no matter how this unfolds. 

So much love and peace and Life Force Energy to you


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  1. Beautiful! I love this journey we are all on. So excited for you as you step into this next season. And equally excited about what this means for all of us as we work with you in our growth transformation. You’re an inspiration. 💗

  2. Kudos Emie. Well said and clear. You are now a role model for me. I don’t think that was on your list.

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