Creating Your Best Life: It starts with balanced living

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I have deep roots in Mama Earth. I have strength and wisdom in my bones. I have adventure and endless possibility in my blood and DNA. I have intuitive, divine knowing in my gut. I have passion and unconditional love in my heart. I have a unique expression of humanity and divinity flowing through my voice. I have clear vision in my eye. I am One with Source Energy. This is available to all of humanity. Do I always feel this? No. But this is what I keep experientially living into as my reality. The more I do the work to align and balance my bodymindspiritsoul to the wholeness of my being and connection to Self, Earth, Spirit and Others, the more peace and abundance manifests in my daily life.

I was recounting the miraculous amount of growth and expansion personally, professionally, relationally, financially over the last few years with a friend. I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the opportunity and abundance I am living in right now. In hind sight, I believe much of it is due to learning to live in greater balance in all areas of my life. 

Frequently people make off comments like, “You’re so lucky. I wish I could go there or do that or . . . ” Or they ask me how I get things to move or manifest like I do. I’m pretty sure there’s no luck about why I am where I am and why opportunity presents itself to me as it does. There are many contributing factors, most of them require co-creating collaboration with Life Force energy.

I credit much of my drive to my strong German heritage, inherent personality traits, and the stars I was born under. 😉 Enter eye roll from my children. I am a hopeless romantic and idealistic human. Barriers and status quo fuels my desire to do the impossible over and over. I have gigantic vision for unlocking healing in the world, one human at a time. I trust the multiplication of goodness will extend like the ripples of a pebble dropped into a pond.

Rest. After four crash and burn seasons, I learned this valuable lesson. Rest has to be my starting point or my natural drive forward will kill me! No kidding. I believe every human carries masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy within them. Yang energy presents as expanding, active, energetic, outward, and lighter (less dense). It is fast moving and expands outward. Yin energy denotes depth, peace, darkness, relating itself with the moon, night, water, soft voice, calm movement, earth, sleep, the soul, autumn. An overly masculine led body, family, culture, world will lead to crash and burn or early demise every time. I had to have four kids and four physical, emotional, spiritual breakdowns before I figured out how to rest and move in Yin energy comfortably. I now have the ability to flow between my masculine energy bent and my feminine energy side as needed. Balance of Yin/Yang is absolutely necessary for harmony in a body, in a family, in the world. There is so much push right now for Feminine Energy to have its place. I agree on many levels. But the rebel in me (and my masculine energy side and being the mama of two boys) is screaming that the answer is NOT just in promoting Feminine Energy. The answer will be in creating a new world where there is balance between Yin and Yang first within each individual body. We cannot start the shift at the farthest point away from ourselves (the other gender, world leaders, governments, corporations, and societies at large). Those are only visible expressions of the problem within our own individual bodies. Please consider that your genitalia does not determine your natural bent toward yin or yang energy. I believe this is vitally important to the healing of the planet. Also, please hear that every single human carries Yin and Yang energy in their body. You carry both masculine and feminine energy in your body. Until you are at peace with both within yourself, you will not find true peace in your bodymindspiritsoul or with other humans. 

I credit my life vision to my rich spiritual life. From very early on, I have had an intimate connection to Spirit. I rarely feel alone in my inner world and I always feel a higher purpose in my pain and journey. I am one of those annoying people that feels significance in everything and is looking for meaning and guidance everywhere. Yet, I was completely out of balance on the scales of living from my Divinity and Humanity. Every person is both human and divine. Some of us lean toward our divine nature at the expense of our humanity. Others lean toward our humanity at the expense of our divinity. My spiritual life was rich from childhood. I would even dare to say that my spiritual connection saved me from the trauma of my childhood. But my ability to live my humanity and present moment experiences were as emaciated as my ability to flow in my Yin energy. My connection to my physical body, my emotions, and other loving humans was almost nil.  Learning to live the balance of my human nature and my divinity has been incredibly enriching, scary, life giving, and freeing. 

Other practices that contribute to continued balance and manifesting my best life is the practice of consistently revisiting and refashioning my vision, feeling into intentions, and keeping them visually in front of me in several ways. Finding and living the balance of creating, actively waiting and then moving when the door opens is key. Frequent coffee dates to verbally process depth and emotion, intention setting with the cycles of the moon and creating quarterly vision boards with my best friend are three of my favorites. I also journal frequently, meditate/yoga/qi gong/walk fairly consistently, and spend as much time in nature as I can squeeze into my wild life.

I build and sustain connection to my healing team which includes a few intimate friends, a family therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Esalen Massage Therapist, Qi Gong Master, Accupuncturist, Plant Spirit Medicine and Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor. Investing money into my healing through paying high quality practitioners what they are worth is imperative. Believing I didn’t have money for those things was not an option, even when I was on welfare and living on credit cards after my divorce. Getting to the point that I could lean into that kind of faith with my financial situation was born out of fifteen years of difficult experiential lessons living a poverty mindset in Christian ministry. 

I am a life long learner. I am willing to be stretched again and again in training, travel, and starting over if it means growth, healing, expansion, enlightenment. Maintaining an open mind, holding my perspectives loosely and trading story lines that are not serving me anymore for story lines that are life giving is crucial to living my most authentic life.

I am about Balanced Living: balancing my Masculine and Feminine energy, my Divinity and Humanity, Motherhood and Profession, Introverted and Extroverted self, Contentment in the Now and Vision for the future, and on and on. One crucial aspect to living a more balanced life is allowing the pendulum to swing from one side to other as I learn how to be at peace with the extremes within myself. As I honor my extremes, my patterns, my protective behaviors that keep me off balance, I make space for the dance of life to swing me from one end to the other until I find a comfortable working balance within myself in this season. And as everyone knows, nothing stays the same. So just about the time I figure out balance in one area, something major shifts and I’m back to the swinging dance of discovering my balance point. I love this road I’m on. I’m honored and delighted to be a light on your path to balanced living and your best life. 

What do I offer you as a client? Space to listen to your own bodymindspiritsoul in order to hear the answers to your own sense of balance and wholeness. We can do that through CranioSacral therapy, Esalen Massage therapy, or Life Coaching sessions. It is an incredibly worthwhile journey. Sending you love and peace today. 

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